North Devon Felts


My name is Caroline Baxter.

 I am an Ilfracombe based artist and felt-maker

I have always had artistic leanings and loved drawing and making, but a career in science often left little time and energy to develop this. A move to the South-West allowed me to adjust my work-life balance and gave my creative side a chance to blossom. A short course in felt-making introduced me to the idea of "painting with wool" and I found it a very exciting medium to work in. I have been developing this technique ever since.



 I like to experiment, sometimes felting with locally sourced fleeces from different breeds of sheep. I also enjoy hand-dyeing and making my own plant dyes - a happy combination of my artistic and scientific interests.

The ever-changing North Devon landscape of rugged coastlines, wild moorland and beautiful countryside are the main inspiration of my work. The natural fibres and  colours of hand-dyed wool can reflect the richness of nature. The wool I use sometimes even smells a little like the sheep of the hills and moors!

Wet felting is a wonderful, loose medium to work in. Like watercolours there is a certain serendipity, no two pictures, even of the same subject, are ever the same. I often enhance my pictures using needle felting, a completely different felting technique using a barbed needle which allows finer detail.









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